Activate your body

In our environment you can do it all.

So many people spend their entire workday infront of a screen. This is not good for your body and has negative effects on your sleep. The body needs an  energy release. Thats why it is so good to take time to move your body. We have many different trails mapped out in the surrounding forest and are always willing to show you some of them.


Yoga, meditate and relax at Eagles nest at Björkbo


Bird nest is a hide away on one of the boulder surrounded by beautiful nature. it is the perfect setting to find your inner peace.  The most relaxing place on the plot. An ideal spot for yoga, meditation or just to get away from the world.


Stretch your muscles in our natural gym. Carry logs, climb a boulder....there are countless opportunities to work out in nature.


Swim in the sea, Ingarö in the Stockholm archipelago


It is a 10 minutes walk to the Baltic Sea. You can swim from the jetty, the nice sandbeach or from the rocks. The Baltic Sea is around 18-22 degrees in summer time, so it is very refreshing. Bring a wetsuit and you can spend as long as you like in the water.

Hiking & Walking

Walkin and hiking at Ingaro, Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden


The power of the forsést has been proven. It has been said that a walk in the forest is one of the best way to be relaxed. Just  10 minutes away is a beautiful nature reserve where you can hike, pick blueberries, lingon berries and mushrooms.


Morning run at Ingarö Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden

Photo from one of Björns morning run at Ingarö

We have a wide variety of running routes from  gravel roads to forest runs around us that are perfect for beginners to pros.


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