Björkbo nature resort

A night away from the world

Experience the best nights sleep in the relaxing Stockholm Archipelago. Far from town but still so close!

Accomodation Stockholm archipelago, Ingarö

We want people to experience what we experience every day in the nature of the Stockholm Archipelago.

It Is all about the beauty sleep

We at BjörkBo believe that you deserve a good nights sleep. To ensure this we provide you with a safe and genuinely relaxing environment.

Everything that we do is centred around providing you with everything you need to feel recharged and rejuvenated. From the delicious healthy meals, prepared with care, to the outdoor exercise surrounded by birds. Breathing in the cool fresh air will reward you with a better sleep.

We are offering a night away from the world. A place where you feel at home and relaxed. Our food will be fresh and from local farms. We offering outdoor gym and yoga area to promote healthy living and habits.

 Sleeping areas

Our accommodation is outside in a big tent (20m2) to experience as much of the nature as possible.


Welcome to Ingarö 2018!



Aimee and Björn