Around the corner, in Värmdö, there are 44 nature reserves with varied habitats and natural values.


Stockholm Archipelago consists of 70 000 islands in different sizes. A perfect place for relaxation and peacefulness.

It is free to pick flowers and berries in the nature reserve. There are blueberries and lingonberries to offer and some very nice mushrooms. Being in nature is the best way to become relaxed. You can find many beautiful places to just sit down and do some yoga. Good running paths and the ability to use the outdoors as your gym. There are many beautiful beaches you can visit possibly take a morning swim in the sea. Here are some tips on what to do at Ingarö, an island in Stockholm Archipelago.


Walking/hiking Ingarö - Långviksträsk Nature Reserve on Ingarö is a large unspoiled swamp and woodland area around the small lake Långviksträsk. The forest consists mainly of pine and swamp forest. A significant part of the forest area is over 100 years old and exhibits characteristics typical of forests that have not been affected by large-scale forestries, traces of forest fires and large ageing in the tree layer.


Walking/hiking Ingarö - The Björnöreservat with classic archipelago nature, old small houses, and fields in valleys between forests and rocks. The landscape is open and blooming with rare orchid species. The reserve consists of typical archipelago nature with an open small-scale cultivation landscape invaded in valleys between forests and rocks. The area, located on a peninsula, is easily accessible even for those who do not have a boat. The forests consist mostly of pine, but there are also deciduous forests. Many come to Björnö to enjoy the sun and bath on the cliffs and the fine sandy beach at Torpesand with a view to Nämdöfjärden. But Björnö has a lot to offer in all seasons. For those who want to wander and experience more of the archipelago nature, the rest of the reserve expands in the northeast. The half-moon is crossed by a network of paths and gravel roads.


Swimming - Ingarö has its long coastline and many lakes, which is a good opportunity for swimming in summer - from rocks, beaches, and docks. Many landscaped bathing areas are open to the public. Big Sand and Little Sand with rocks and long sandy beaches on the south of Ingarö.


Golf - A 36-hole golf course that gives you a wonderful experience in archipelago-style surroundings.


Kayaking - Surrounded by water on two sides, Kajakeriet Björkvikstorp gives you a great starting point for discovering Stockholm Archipelago from a kayak...or maybe try some SUP paddling


Restaurant - Right next to the water at Björkvik's dock on Ingarö in Stockholm archipelago. A high-quality restaurant with food and drinks at reasonable prices. They serve a mix of Swedish cuisine. The view of the archipelago makes for a stunning setting with forest on the one side and the sea on the other.


Restaurant - A high standard restaurant as well as focus on product, hosting and atmosphere. Their goal is to offer something for everyone with an increased focus on near-produced, organic and green. Situated at Ingarö golf club.


Local food farmer shop and workshop - A unique collaboration between Värmdö Musteri (juice), Värmdö Bränneri, Säby Säteri, Säby Farm and Värmdö Brewery. Get a sense of how they craft the cold-pressed rapeseed oil, potato, apple mustard, cider, Pomme de Vie, beer, etc.


Shopping - At Gustavsberg you can shop beautiful Swedish porcelain from Gustavsbergs porcelain factory and Orrefors Kosta Boda. You can also visit Iitala that have beautiful things for your dinner table and home at good prices


Art, activities & restaurant - a destination of high international quality – with boundary-crossing art exhibits, inspiring activities and great food. The place itself was chosen with the greatest care.  A location that was close to Stockholm, but which still had everything that characterized the unique Swedish archipelago – fresh clean air, sparkling water, rocks and cliffs, beaches, and an abundance of plant and animal life. Johan Nyrén has managed to design a building in harmony with the natural surroundings, dressed in beveled pitched-pine planks, and carefully located between the pine trees and the cliffs with a view over Baggen’s Bay. With its 32,000 square feet, Artipelag is one of Stockholm’s largest art galleries.